Vladyslava Rutytska

Vladyslava Rutytska

Vladyslava Rutytska

Vice President of SigmaBleyzer Investment Group, LLC., Vice President of Agrogeneration

Mrs. Vladyslava Rutytska is Vice President of SigmaBleyzer Investment Group, LLC. and Vice President of Agrogeneration, member of the National Council of Reforms of Ukraine, Member of the coordination council of Aspen Ukraine, member of the reformers’ association REMBUS, Phd.

Over the last 12 years, Mrs. Rutytska has had an exciting professional career, which has taken her to different directions and focuses at least on agriculture, where she has achieved a significant experience.

She enjoyed a career being on the side of business, state authorities, NGO’s and while paying attention to charity and philanthropy. She devoted about 2 years to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, where at the hardest time for Ukraine she was appointed to the post of Deputy Minister on European Integration. Main goals of this activity were focused on the Development of the Strategy and Action plan of the Ministry for 2015-2020, opening new markets, development and implementation of the various projects (agrarian insurances, agrarian receipts, agro+IT, irrigation, help-desk of MAPF, EIB loan on $400 mln etc), cooperation with other countries and international institutes.

During her professional activity she has made numerous public presentations in Ukraine as well as in different foreign countries, being the representative of the official state authorities, promoting Ukraine as a good target and strategic partner.
Mrs. Rutytska also was a Member of the Board of Directors at the Kiev Investment Group, focusing on the Development and management of strategic planning and operational activities of all sub-holdings company 14 structures under the supervision.

Working for the Ukrainian government she had advocated the improvement of investment and business climate, accelerated privatization and reform of public administration, and attracted flows of foreign direct investments to Ukraine to support economic growth.

Mrs. Vladyslava Rutytska currently occupies an honorable place in the National Council of Reforms, where she was invited as a high-level expert on the issues of the agrarian sector, infrastructure, the implementation of new technologies in the strategic sector of the Ukrainian economy.
Mrs. Vladyslava Rutytska has an MBA degree, Edinburgh Business School and Phd (cybernetics).
Mrs. Rutytska is married and has 2 sons.