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Hazem Saker

Hazem Saker

Senior Trader, Promising International Trading Co. DMCC


Since 2004 Hazem Saker has worked in international trade between the Black Sea countries and MENA (the Middle East and North Africa) region.

In 2006 he started working in Promising International Trading Co. as the head of trade department representative in CIS countries specialized in Grain, Feed and Edible Oils. The main developed markets since he was appointed in the position were East & Central African and GCC (Gulf cooperation council) countries. Still African market remains potentially high-risk one. However, despite difficulties and financial or logistical risks this market maintains its position for Ukrainian grains as a high premium one.

Promising International Trading Co. was the first company to introduce Ukrainian grains, veg-oils, and dairy products to many African countries on the eastern coast.

Hazem Saker obtained the special expertise of regulations of the East African trade, having the deep understanding of the risk and difficulties in the African market. He was managing the trade flow to Ethiopia, Sudan and Kenya of around 2.5 million tonnes annually. Also, he passed GAFTA and FOSFA professional courses as well as advanced management professional training; wrote articles about economic and international trade cooperation in Arabic newspapers and business publications and published several types of research for developing cooperation between the Middle East and Post-Soviet countries.