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Arina Korchmaryova

Arina Korchmaryova

Vice President of the Cotecna Inspection S.A. Group on the market of the Baltic and Black Seas, Head of Cotecna Ukraine Limited FAO Consultant


Arina Korchmaryova is a leading international expert on the quality, certification, and standardization of agricultural products, as well as a dynamic participant and speaker at Ukrainian and international conferences for quality and trade of agriproducts (more than 30+ speeches in 10+ countries across the world). She is an author of numerous publications in Ukrainian and global media, a consultant to FAO on quality issues in international projects, an organizer and speaker at specialized training and seminars (for the public and private sector), and a creator of crop tours to assess the quality of crops. Arina’s key regions are CIS countries, the E.U., and the Middle East.

As a successful manager, Arina has 20+ years management experience in international trade and logistics, extensive practical knowledge in global commercial leadership, financial management, and sales. She also owns essential strategic management skills for attracting investments, performing M&A deals, entering new markets, etc.

Since 2014, Arina is the head of Cotecna Inspection’s business group for the Baltic and the Black Sea markets. Since joining Cotecna, Arina’s primary focus has been working with grains and oilseeds, vegetable oils, feed, and other agricultural and food products. Arina is a high-level specialist in international trade and agricultural products transportation according to FOSFA and GAFTA rules. Also,
she has unique risk management experience for pre-emptive measures to prevent contamination of goods and cargo testing.

Finally, Arina has vast professional experience in establishing, managing, and
developing laboratories in Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, and Turkey (10+ laboratories),
covering the full range of agricultural testing, and is an experienced organizer of
crop tours for the phytosanitary monitoring of Agri crops in Ukraine.